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  1. 5.0

    This company offers same day service and are very easy and personable to work with. We replaced the broken part for a lot less than ‘the other company’ would have charged. Our technician fixed a non-related potential door problem at no extra cost, too. So if you need service or repair on your garage door, I recommend Aladdin Doors of Austin. We’re their new customer for life!

  2. 5.0

    When our garage door spring broke our door was stuck half open so we called Aladdin Doors. Chris arrived quickly and did a terrific job. He professional explained what needed to be done and gave us a very good price. He also examined both of our doors to make sure that everything was working properly. I am recommending Aladdin Doors to my friends and family and will definitely use them again if I need garage door repairs. Thank you Chris!

  3. 5.0

    All I want for Christmas is my garage door fixed!” My spring broke on Christmas Eve. Ugh! I didn’t know if anyone would come out on a holiday to fix it. Then I found Aladdin Doors. Chris came out almost immediately and not only replaced my garage door spring but fixed some other issues, too, at no extra cost. Thanks for making it a great Christmas Eve, Chris!

  4. 5.0

    Aladdin Doors delivers! They came out the same day I called — very fast and friendly service! After calling the competition, we found Aladdin to have the best price. They also saw an issue that could be a potential problem and fixed it for us at no cost. If you need repair or service, call Aladdin Doors. I’m their customer forever.

  5. 5.0

    I called Chris Sunday afternoon and was glad he answered the phone! He came out bright and early at 8am Monday and was right on time. He told me what the options were, I agreed and he repaired the job fast. He also did some maintenance on the door at no charge. Chris is a sharp guy and I would definitely refer him to my friends and family.

  6. 5.0

    After two garage door companies didn’t get back to me, I called Aladdin Doors. They called back right away and gave me a next day appointment convenient to my schedule. I was very impressed with the installation from start to finish: he was on time and the pricing was great. Chris also taught me a few things about garage doors. He is very professional and I was more than satisfied with his service. For anyone who needs garage door repairs, call Chris from Aladdin Doors!

  7. 5.0

    Another garage door company gave me a quote for $1,000 insisting that I needed a new and bigger garage door opener motor. When Aladdin Doors came out and looked at it, they fixed it for only $190. Wow! This company is not only honest but they’re good at what they do. If I need service again, I’m calling Aladdin!

  8. 4.0

    I was very impressed with Chris at Aladdin Doors. He promised to be out on a Sunday afternoon, arrived on time and was very responsive to our questions and concerns. He gave us a reasonable price for a broken spring which he replaced. Overall, Chris is honest and committed to providing good service to his customers. All service businesses should take a note from Aladdin Doors. I recommend Chris to anyone needing garage door service

  9. 5.0

    My garage door was sagging and needed to be replaced. Chris arrived on time, was fast and terrific. My garage door finally opens and closes ‘smooth and soft’. He was very knowledgeable, professional and personable. Thank you Chris!

  10. 5.0

    I had no idea a garage door could be replaced within 24 hours and I was wrong! Chris arrived on time and was very professional. He also recommended a contractor to fix and paint my door. If you need a garage door man in Austin, call Aladdin Doors!

  11. 5.0

    I was impressed with the terrific job Chris at Aladdin Doors did for us. When our 20 year old garage door spring brok, we called Aladdin and they scheduled us at our convenience to get the repairs done. He was on time and explained in detail what needed to be done and gave me a great price, too. Since this old door and opener will probably need to be replaced soon, I will certainly call Aladdin Doors of Austin when it’s time. Thanks, Chris!

  12. 5.0

    When I first met Chris I was impressed. He not only showed up when he said he would, he was on time and very friendly … unusual for any service company to say the least. Although I didn’t want to spend any more money than was necessary, I knew I needed to replace the worn out bearings to make the new springs work good and last. Chris also showed me how to do my own maintenance to keep my door and springs in good shape. I don’t remember the last time a service technician came to my home and made me feel great before he left. I’ll definitely recommend Chris and Aladdin Doors to my friends and family. Thanks Chris!

  13. 5.0

    When I looked at all the special order door estimates, Chris was by far the lowest price by more than $100. He did a great job from the estimate to the door selection and installation process. I felt really comfortable with Aladdin and Chris and am enjoying my new door. Thank you!

  14. 5.0

    When I wanted to leave the house on a Sunday morning, my door wasn’t working and my car was stuck inside. Thinking that I’d have to wait until Monday to get it serviced, I called Aladdin Doors to get an appointment. I was surprised that Chris came that morning and replaced my door and got me out of “garage door jail”. He was really friendly and accepted my debit card for payment. I was pleased with Chris and would recommend Aladdin Doors to my friends and family. Thank you!

  15. 5.0

    What a pleasant surprise it was when my technician showed up on time, almost to the minute! I called Aladdin Doors when another company stood me up, and I’m glad I did. Not only was the price competitive, they repaired my door the same day I called, on a Sunday at 4:30pm. And they didn’t charge me extra to come out on the weekend. I would definitely recommend Aladdin Doors. Other companies should treat their customers as good!

  16. 5.0

    I thought the service was great! I called them on Friday at 4:00pm and they came out the same day. The door was fixed quickly and the price was more than reasonable. Call Aladdin Doors when you need your door repaired. I highly recommend them.

  17. 5.0

    When I needed to call a garage door repair service, I noticed the Aladdin Doors truck in my neighborhood. I approached the tech, Chris, and asked if he could stop by to look at my door. He not only gave me a good price, he fixed the doors with parts from his truck. Chris is a great guy, professional and friendly. I’ll certainly call him again should I need more repairs or service.

  18. 5.0

    I went online to request garage door service from Aladdin Doors and got a response 45 minutes later. They came out that same day and provided terrific, professional service. I highly recommend Chris at Aladdin Doors of Austin. They’re a great company to count on when you have a door that needs repair. Thank you Chris!

  19. 5.0

    I saw the Aladdin Doors truck across the street and decided I’d go over and introduce myself. Chris, the technician, said he’d stop by when he was finished working on my neighbors door and he did. I needed my old garage door opener removed and he took care of it. I told him when I move into my new home I will definitely call him to get a new opener installed. Hands down … when you need a prompt and professional garage door company, make sure you call Aladdin Doors and ask for Chris.

  20. 5.0

    I called Aladdin Doors and spoke to Chris, the technician. He was able to give me pricing without coming out since I could describe the repair in detail. Years ago I repaired the worm gear on my opener but because his price was good I decided to have him handle it to save myself some time. Since the opener with the shredded gear/sproket was 10 years old and the circuit board would eventually fail, he replaced the opener. He recommended which opener to purchase in case I didn’t want to buy one of his that had a one piece rail which was more expensive. I appreciated his honesty and ended up buying my own opener.

  21. 5.0

    After being in our new home for two years, it was time to call and get our garage door fixed. The screws were falling out and we couldn’t put it off any more. We called Chris in the morning and he arrived later that afternoon. He text’d to let us know he was on the way and was right on time. Although he fixed the main door, he also diagnosed the problem with the third bay door that never worked before and repaired it. He also guaranteed his service in writing! I will definitely recommend Aladdin Doors to everyone. He gave us honest and reasonably priced service. Thanks, Chris!

  22. 5.0

    After (another) garage door company didn’t show up as scheduled, I called Aladdin Doors. They not only showed up but were right on time. My spring broke over the weekend and needed to be replaced. When I called them Sunday afternoon, they fixed everything before 5pm that same day. Plus, they didn’t charge me weekend or emergency fees. Their price matched the cheapest competitor and they gave me fast and friendly service. It’s too bad other service companies don’t treat their customers the way Aladdin does. Great job! I’ll definitely recommend them.

  23. 5.0

    Fast, satisfactory and professional services. I had no problem with this company while they were working on my garage door and fixed my broken spring. I am especially thankful because they ensure that my garage door opener was back in operation for no additional cost. My garage door is better than new now. Thank you!

  24. 5.0

    When my garage door needed repair, I called several garage door companies. I ended up choosing Aladdin Doors of Austin because they were available and more competitive than anyone else. I was impressed with his repair knowledge and his concern for safety. Thank you, Chris, for going above and beyond!

  25. 5.0

    As scheduled, Chris arrived in good time and was exceptionally helpful because he provided useful tips on garage door maintenance. The maintenance job was fast and My garage door is very quiet now. I found the company’s service top notch right from when he arrived to when he left. The services were inexpensive especially because I used a coupon I got of their website. I highly recommend Aladdin Doors. Great service, keep it up!

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